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Children and young as drivers of change in Health

You who have already lived decades in good health know the juice that can be extracted from life…

“Seguridad Vital”

The reality is that Covid causes serious damage to all organs, even with apparently mild infections, and each time we are reinfected our chances of dying and being hospitalized increase, causing damage that will accumulate in our body.

The good news is that, together, working as a team, we can educate our children to live with this new reality since we have the means and information to minimize its impact on health, and so they can enjoy a healthy and long life. like ours or that of our elders.

The main means available to us is Education, and for this reason “Seguridad Vital” was born from the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians, an initiative that consists of teams of doctors going through the classrooms of the schools giving guidelines to the students to lay the foundations that allow them to improve their health and acquire healthy habits.

We count on the courage and responsibility of the entire Society as a whole, to face this challenge from the heart.

The new vaccine is Health Education

What does it consist of?

It is a project sponsored by the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG) that consists in allowing Doctors from anywhere in the world to join the project to educate children in a universal language that is Health.

The Right to Health of children is a Universal Right, included for example in the Rights of the Child of 1959, and if the Pandemic has shown anything, it is the ability to adapt and the great responsibility that children can assume, without having any fear , naturally and thus defend their own Right to Health and their future.

From the SEMG we understand that we must give tools to children and young people, and that in the same way that a policeman or a firefighter goes to the classrooms to talk about Traffic Education or Fire Prevention, that from now on, Education in Health becomes a fundamental pillar of their Education given the new reality with which they will live the rest of their lives.

Register your Health Center today

This is the process:


The first step is to join our Health Center to the "Seguridad Vital" project by sending an application

Apply for membership

we received a kit

SeguridadVital will send a kit with a series of guidelines, guidelines and supporting documents divided by age groups to be able to present the ideas to the children

Request the kit

Dissemination in schools

Each Health Center will contact the schools in its area of influence and assign doctors who will make presentations to the students.


Feedback and conclusions

We are very interested in knowing how each experience has gone, so we ask you to tell us and that together we can build a healthier future.

Tell us...
We count on your support
let's do it for them

“Viva la vida” 04:22 minutes



Educate children from childhood to adapt to this new reality that Covid has brought, so that they in turn teach at home how to minimize the impact on their health.



Go creating for the medium and long term, a culture in our society and an awareness of the importance of protecting ourselves and our environment, supporting the health system and having healthy habits.



Putting the true protagonists of the future, which are children, at the center of society and giving them tools to defend their Right to Health included in Principle 4 of the Rights of the Child of 1959.



In the same way that children, when they are seen by police officers and firefighters, sometimes “educate” parents when they see them commit some irresponsibility in terms of Driver’s Education, for example, why not also do it in the face of this new threat that produces many more deaths and consequences than traffic accidents.


“We have focused on protecting the elderly who have generally had a long and healthy life, and we have not realized that those who have the most to lose are children and young people, who are going to live their entire lives with very serious consequences due to the damage to all organs caused by Covid, if we do not educate them correctly to live with this new reality.”

From a coffee one morning between a father of two children, concerned about the health of his family after passing the Covid and a family doctor from Lugo, member of the Permanent Commission of Long Covid, speaker in the Senate and spokesperson for the SEMG, "" was born.

From the vocation and dedication of all the members of the SEMG Permanent Commission, the project received the necessary impetus to see the light and lead Health Education in Spain and be a mirror in which other countries around us can see themselves.

We need your support

We need the support of families to give continuity to our work.

The health system needs us all to do our bit to make it sustainable.

It is vital for the future of children that we face new challenges, without fear, but with responsibility, perseverance and commitment so that children can enjoy many years of good health and not have to live managing sequelae from a young age.

must be the children

must be the children

must be the children

must be the children

must be the children

the true heroes of the future

the true heroes of the future

the true heroes of the future

the true heroes of the future

the true heroes of the future

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